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Earthwatch HK Awards

Earthwatch puts environmental impact at the heart of what we do, building on half a century of bringing people, science and nature together to create environmental knowledge and action.

The Earthwatch HK Awards, are open to candidates developing public engagement activities for the local people of Hong Kong and encourage them to take action to protect our planet. We look for projects which deliver value to communities, invest in the next generation and strengthen environmental awareness. In particular we look for applications from early career researchers (registered post-graduate students) wanting to share their knowledge and passion for the environment with the wider public of Hong Kong.

The 2023 winners

Ka Hei Ng

Citizen Science 1001: Can crabs survive microplastics in mangrove?​ – “My journey in studying Hong Kong's mangroves and their inhabitants has been a quest to uncover the hidden marvels of mangrove crabs and their pivotal role in ecosystem functioning.”

Rainbow Wing Sum Leung

Community Building: Shell Reefs as a NbS​ - “A conservationist should put people and the environment together and rebuild those lost connections…Conservation is essential for minimising anthropogenic impacts and protecting the integrity of natural ecosystems.”

Hiu Tung Man

Sai Kung Sea Shoreline Cleanup​ – “As a diver who studied environmental science, I have a unique perspective on the oceans, and my passion for conservation science is a personal mission to protect it for both the creatures and people who depend on it.”

Linus Pak Yam Hung

Save our Ocean 2023 - “I believe that if more people become familiar with our environment and understand the challenges our ecosystem is facing, the better and easier would be for us to conduct conservation works in saving our world”

Melody Tsz Ching Kong

From Fear to Understanding: Breaking Misconception for Conservation​ – “I have always been deeply passionate about the natural world and have a strong commitment to conservation. I developed a fascination with the city's unique biodiversity and am dedicated to preserving it for future generations.”

Chung Tai Anthony Yeung

Meet Feathered Friends​ - “Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble.”

Megan Mei Yan Low

Danaid butterfly awareness​​ – “I hope to share my passion and knowledge to the public, raise public awareness, and encourage everyone to protect our natural environment.”

Tsoi Tao Esther Lee

Guardians of the Ficus Tree: A Citizen-Scientist Tree Monitoring Programme for Hong Kong​ - “I believe there is only so much scientists can do to conserve nature, so the key to upscaling conservation works is to mobilise and encourage public efforts through proper environmental education.”

Turzo Bose

Nature Seekrs: Explore the unseen wonders of the outdoors​ – “My dream is to make the world a safer and more accessible place for Visually Impaired Persons, and not limit them to urban, familiar routes like how other solutions, like guide dogs and canes, do.”